Shania Twain Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Always And Forever Chords
02. Always And Forever Bass Tab
03. Amneris Letter Chords
04. Any Man Of Mine Chords
05. Any Man Of Mine Tab
06. Any Man Of Mine Bass Tab
07. Black Eyes Blue Tears Chords
08. Black Eyes Blue Tears (ver 2) Chords
09. Come On Over Chords
10. Dance With The One Chords
11. Dont Be Stupid Chords
12. Dont Be Stupid (ver 2) Chords
13. Forever And For Always Chords
14. Forever And For Always (ver 2) Chords
15. Forever And For Always (ver 3) Chords
16. Forever And For Always (ver 4) Chords
17. From This Moment Chords
18. From This Moment Tab
19. From This Moment (ver 2) Tab
20. Getcha Good Tab
21. God Aint Gonna Getcha For That Chords
22. God Bless The Child Chords
23. If Youre Not In It For Love Chords
24. If Youre Not In It For Love Tab
25. Im Gonna Getcha Good Chords
26. Im Gonna Getcha Good Tab
27. Im Jealous Chords
28. Im Jealous (ver 2) Chords
29. Im Outta Here Chords
30. In My Car Tab
31. It Only Hurts When Im Breathing Chords
32. I Aint Goin Down Chords
33. I Aint No Quitter Bass Tab
34. Ka-ching Chords
35. Love Gets Me Everytime Tab
36. Love Gets Me Everytime (ver 2) Tab
37. Love Gets Me Everytime Bass Tab
38. Man I Feel Like A Woman Chords
39. Man I Feel Like A Woman (ver 2) Chords
40. Man I Feel Like A Woman Tab
41. Man I Feel Like A Woman (ver 2) Tab
42. Man I Feel Like A Woman (ver 3) Tab
43. Man I Feel Like A Woman Bass Tab
44. Nah Chords
45. No One Needs To Know Chords
46. No One Needs To Know Bass Tab
47. Party For Two Chords
48. Party For Two (ver 2) Chords
49. Rock This Country Chords
50. Rock This Country Tab
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