Popa Chubby Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Another Ten Years Gone Tab
02. Back In My Baby S Arms Tab
03. Daddy Played The Guitar And Mama Was A Disco Queen Tab
04. Deliveries After Dark Tab
05. Godfather Tab
06. Grown Man Crying Blues Tab
07. Hallelujah Tab
08. Hey Joe Tab
09. How D A White Boy Get The Blues Tab
10. If The Diesel Don T Get You Then The Jet Fuel Will Tab
11. Its Chubby Time Chords
12. Ive Been Loving You Too Long Tab
13. I Cant See The Light Of Day Tab
14. Keep On The Sunnyside Of Life Tab
15. Let The Music Set You Free Tab
16. Life Is A Beatdown Tab
17. Like The Buddha Do Tab
18. Looking Back Intro Tab
19. Palce Of The King Tab
20. Race With The Devil Tab
21. Sally Likes To Run Tab
22. San Catri Tab
23. Slide Devil Man Slide Tab
24. Somebody Let The Devil Out Tab
25. Stoop Down Baby Tab
26. Sweet Goddess Of Love & Beer Tab
27. The Fight Is On Tab
28. White Devil Tab
29. Why I Can't Have You Tab
30. Why I Can't Have You (ver 2) Tab
31. Woman In My Bed Dub Tab
32. You Cant Keep A Brother Down Tab