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Fragile Heart Chords

           A               E
A fragile heart was broken before
         D                            A
I don't think it could endure another pain
               A                 E
But there's a voice from deep inside of you
        D                          A
That's calling out to make you realize

              Asus2            E
That this new bond gives inspiration
   D                              Asus2
To all that feel no love appeal no more
             Asus2            E
So how can I break this wall around you
       D                                 Asus2
That's aiding both our hearts to grow in pain

      D        E         C#7            F#m
So forget your past, and we can dream tomorrow
         D          E               F#m
Save our hearts for care and loving too
      D       E
It's hard, I know,
    C#7                 F#m
But oh, one thing's for sure
      D       E                  A
Don't go and break this fragile heart
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          B                 F#
A hurting mind in need of emotion
        E                             B
I don't think it could endure another pain
            B                 F#
But baby in you I've found affection,
   E                           B
Affection I have never felt before.

          E        F#    D#7                G#m
So don't let your past destroy what comes tomorrow
      E                         F#
Don't go and break this fragile heart

              C#                G#
With all this fire that burns between us
            F#                               C#
There's so much to lose, yet so much more to gain
                C#                G#
And if I could choose the world around me
    F#                                        C#
The world I'd choose would all revolve around you
               C#               G#
So help me complete the game inside me
    F#               C#         D#m    C#
And help to mend, to mend this fragile heart