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Too Rolling Stoned Tab

Artist: Robin Trower
Song: Too Rolling Stoned

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Seems as though lots people are looking for Robin Trower tab, and since this is one of his 
better songs and I haven't been able to find a tab to it, I thought I'd submit this, which 
is just a quick outline of the beginning part of the song:
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Main Riff (with lots of wah):

The verse of the song is just D (or Dsus2) and E, possibly played just by barring in the  A, 
D, B and G strings at the 7th or 9th frets.

The chorus part is D, A, E, repeated a couple of times.

There is a whole bunch of other parts of the song as well, including some solos, but I 
haven't tabbed them yet. If you know them, tab 'em and e-mail them to me.