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"Cocaine Blues" (Trad.)
as done by Townes Van Zandt on Live at the Old Quarter
The rhythm might be a little confusing in this tab.  Listen
to the recording to get the right feel for it.  Also, try
to keep the bass notes soft.
Tuning:  Standard, Capo 4
Let ring...and swing.

C         E7
Cocaine, cocaine,
'Round my heart and runnin' 'round my brain,
C        G           C
Cocaine, aw, you ol' cocaine.

I woke up this mornin', Lord, I had a hunger pain.
And all I want for breakfast is my good cocaine,
Cocaine, aw you ol' cocaine.

Jump out of bed, Mama, run downtown;
Take along the money and look all around.
Find the man, the man that sells cocaine.

Come here, Mama, come here quick;
That ol' coke's got me and I'm feelin' sick.
Cocaine, aw you ol' cocaine.

Get out of here, Mama, I thought you understood;
You got no connections then you're no damn good.

Well, coke's for horses, Lord, it ain't for men.
They say it kills you, but they don't say when.

C'mon, Mama, let's rent us a boat.
We'll sail down that Gibraltar moat;
Shed a tear every time we pass Tangiers.

Cocaine, cocaine,
'Round my heart and runnin' 'round my brain,
Cocaine, aw, you ol' cocaine.
Transcribed by Aaron Bobb,