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Nobody's Man Chords

Tina Dickow - Nobody's man.
Standard tuning with capo on 2nd fret

Intro: Dm - Am (listen to the song and lift your index finger as Tina does:)

Verse: Also here,strum every chord with ur index finger lifting.
Take what you want from me
take what you can
And then hide it somewhere i can't see
out of my hands
Dm                   Am                 G
Do What it takes to make you feel better
at the break of dawn you'll still
be nobody's man.
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Dm                 Am
Nobody feels the weight of your mission
   C                G
Nobody can set you free
Dm                Am
Nobody knows the way to your fortune
C                    G
Nobody and least of all... Me

The solo is something like:


Remember ! standard tuning with a capo on the second fret :)

By Ralle AKA ---> Damgaard :b

hope you enjoy

Oh and the solo might be played at higher notes, but didn't really give it much time:P 
solo ^^