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Okay, I couldnt figure out exactly what these guys were playing, so I figured that 
I would write down the chords, because its better than nothing. It sounds accurate 
to me, the hard part would be knowing when to switch, so I tried to align the 
chord changes to the lyrics, but if you follow along to the song, it should be fine.

			     CRYSTAL VISION - Tigers Jaw
Tabbed by: Mean Mr Mustard
Email: gotchristo@comcast.net

[F G F G F G Am] x2


Am                      G                  C
Are you judged how you want to be judged?
           F             G                 Am
Does your ego rain down like a flood?
Am                           G             C
How do you act towards the ones you love?
     F            G                  Am
It's harder to be honest when you're young.

Am                 G                   C
Do I know what you want me to know?
         F                       G                Am
From the jeans you wear and the looks you stole.
     Am                      G             C
Your light, it comes from a Judas hole.
     F                G                   Am
Your charm betrays my eyes, it's dark and cold.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tigers_jaw/crystal_vision_crd.html ]
F             G
I know you're bored,
F                  G
I've seen it all before.
            Am       F     C  
Yeah, I'm familiar.


Am                  G                   C
Do your veins still hold your blood?
      F              G                  Am
Can I ever have more than your trust?
Am    G             C
Can I be enough?
F           G             Am
Can we ever talk about us?


F             G
I know you're right.
F                G
I see it in your eyes,
                Am       F      C
with my crystal vision.
              Am        F       C
and I'm underwhelming.
G             Am        F       C        
but I've got a feeling.


Am       F               C        G 
You get exactly what you need. 
Am                F       C         G
Your charm's your harm.
Am       F             C         G
What you need is to be free.
Am         F          C        G
I know you know, you know
Am            F         C       G
You know just how I can be,
Am        F          C          G
afraid of honesty.
Am        F              C        G
You can't see what I can see, 
with my crystal vision,