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A  A  A  A
Can't you see
e   e   e   e     D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D
It's killing me,  I can't take it anymore
A   A   A   A
My minds a mess
e   e   e   e    D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D    A hold
I mest confess,  I can't take it anymore

Verse 1
I try to 
e                D         D#  D          
Explian to you,  You listen....You listen but just don't care
A            e            D D# D D# D
And I try to ignore you
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D                         B D
Now your pulling out your hair
 B     e
your hair
AA         ee
Come on,  tell me
Why we've got to argue
AA          ee
Can't we,  just try 
to work this out
AA         ee
I can't,  sit here
All alone in this room 
AA        e  B                  \
Thinking of how........This is a Waste of my time 


Verse 2
I wish I 
Could make sense,  of what happened here with you

I wish I
Could rewind,  To that one mistake or two

Can't you see that
I'm standing here alone

Waiting for a
Call....... a Call......
A-g-D-e  x 4
Chorus x 2