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Treason Chords

Chords for Treason - single from the Kilimanjaro Album.

Organ part in guitar tab:

G|--------------------------------| Repeat...
D|--------------------------------| Two times


Bm                         Em
  I've been living through changes

    A                  G (F#m Em D)
And I could swing for you

Bm             Em
 I can see the veins in

   A                 G
my hands are showing through

Bm              Em
  And if you disguise what

      A                     G  (F#m Em D)
these things are doing to me

Bm                Em
 Well if you critize them

  A                 G
I know that you can see
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[chorus] [the riff I tabbed out in the start is played here]
          D         Bm (not sure)
Until you realise

            D         Bm (not sure)
It's just a story



Consequently my reaction's
getting rather strange
But I can see your course of action
Leading to a change

[bridge or what you like to call it]

D|-------0-2-0-----| (organ for guitar)

                        Em             A
You gotta get ready for me-ee

Em             A

 Is it real
Em             A

 Or is it treason?

Em              F#m Em D
 Is it treason?


I've been living through changes
It's not the same thing every day
I hope it's not my age but
I wouldn't like to say

Mirror hopping days of coarse reaction
Oh it's very hard to fight
I gotta find a plan of action
But I couldn't get it right

Until you realise [chorus]