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Suffocate Chords

This song is the best ever written by Dr. Cope [period]
B-side of "You Disappeared from View" - Wilder era

Intro (begins with this the rest is variation in same key - you should be able to figure 
that out yourself):


I'll give you the horn part:

B|-5-7-8---8-7-| Hammer on's may help

Please note that, in the record there are no real chords in the verses (so I had to make 
them up, such excitement)
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[verse 1]
Em                          Am
Love has come to this House
    Em     Am
And my, my how we laughed
Em                      Am
Love has gone from this house

    Em            A (major)
And my, my how I cried

    Em          A (major
My, my how I cried


Em   D        Cmaj7 C
If I said I'd suffo-cate

G D   Em    (G D   Em)
I see stars I see stars [oh yeah I'm sure the LSD were a big aid to you Jules]

Em   D        Cmaj7 C
I said I can't count on you

G   D    Em
You said come, come

[verse 2]

The sound that found It's way here

It  came through stark and silent

Hold that sight in my head

But what seems cold so real, what seems cold so real

[choruses and outro]

There's a string arrangement around, search, find, listen and enjoy it.