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Smelling Medicinal Chords

Smelling Medicinal 
by Will Johnson
From South San Gabriel's "Welcome Convalescence"

At the (G)threshold, of the (C)day
I compla(G)ined of the re(C)cords you (D)played (C)
Unfor(G)givable were the (C)sounds
Of the (G)shit that you (C)blared from the (D) house (C)

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And I (D)guess I was just (C)shaken by the (G)rage
Hard fisted, (D)pissed, tired and (C)feathered
Freshly esc(Am)apen from the (G)cage
And I (D)suppose you were just (C)searching for something to (G)say
You were smelling me(D)dicinal, juggling the (C)daggers 
That I (Am)tried to hide a(G)way

Along with the sultry pictures
That never once met my unholy demands
The slings and hammers that you've collected
The poisionous arrows and happiness found in an axe


The sweet, tranquil end of the day
Was sodden with liquor, in conditional anger we lie
Under fluorescent stars stuck to the ceiling 
Your custom made universe, as we take to the sky