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New Brookland Chords

New Brookland
by Will Johnson
From South San Gabriel's "Welcome Convalescence" 

(G)Make no mistake, (C)we'll be the (G)ones to (C)happily (G)set you
on (D)fire(G)
As you hit the brakes a (C)little too (G)late, (C)securing your
(G)date with the (D)lake(G)
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And I (Am) think by now we're satis(C)fied with the way in (G)which
you're buried by your (Em)lies. (D)
And it (Am)seems our heavy(C)weight can find unpleasant (G)ways
To see you a(D)way.

It's juvenille, perverse and forgotten -- all to your unflagging
Rejuvenate was never an options. We lost you just east of New


In figure eights you try your escape. The beginning is always the
To circumvent, you're choking on speeches that failed you
before you came here.