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D                                              G
Yesterday I could have done some more,
D                                     G
and today I might even fix it all
              D                                                   G
it's such a quiet and emotional dance in the rain I know
D                                                           G
that disappear is something you do when I'm not at home
h                                                           A
it doesn't metter now as long as we can still hold each 
other's hands 

repeat verse

G                  A             D                   h
Dead and dedicated your love of fu##in' God
G                      A               D     h
dumb and happy moron being superhero
G              A                        D                 h
never entertain him he's like a lord of human act
G                   A                     D
y do you need more , y do you need more

repeat verse and chorus one more time and that is it

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