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Marslander Chords

h                                A 
Every morning there`s a crow,
G                            A
telling me the way to go,
h                                 A
different place I'm meant to be,
G                          A
out in space infinity,
h                          A
circling around the sun,
G                          A
on the planet yet to find.
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h                                       D               E
But there`s a name down in everywhere I go
             A                  G                  h
where to hide again nobody wants to show
h                                   D               E
not in a million years I couldn't let you free,
              A                G           h
but today I have to find another way.

Different eyes I need to see,
my entire history,
need no air need no control,
from above or down below,
and considering my aim,
I'm the one you shouldn't blame.