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Patricks Song Chords

Shawn Mullins
Patricks Song

Dedicated to patrick cosgrove 1968 - 1997

Tabbed By: Joshua Deese

CAPO 2nd
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G         D              Em
I had a dream I was in school
Reading your autograph
G          D               Em
Pages of green in seventh grade
Now like an epitaph
C              G
Alone in your room
        Am        Dsus2   D
With an artist inside of you
C               G
You died way too soon,
Am                 Dsus2 D
   But I can still feel you
G         D          Em
Warm in a circle of friends
How have you all been
G           D             Em
We’d never die, just go through hell
And re-group again
C             G
So button it down
Am                       Dsus2 D
So the wind won't blow it all away
C             G
And pass it around
        Am          Dsus2  D    G
Like champagne on a ho--------liday, yeah
G        C           G       C
            Pass it around
G                            C
There’s a lot of that to go around

Fade out alternating G and C

Rarr!! and stuff.... GO SHAWN!!