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Lonesome I Know You Too Well Chords

Taken from the live version on the album The Essential Shawn Mullins

This song is quite easy, and is pretty much the same chords all the way through.

Standard tuning, Capo on the 5th fret

Chords used (relative to capo):

G - 320033
G/F# - 200033
G/B - X20033
Cadd9 - X32033
G/C - X30033

Intro: First bit has a few hammers ones
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Then a more simple chord progression

G - G/F# - C - G/C

And thats pretty how the rest of the song goes really, same chords. Just stick with the 
- G/F - G/B - Cadd9, G - G/F# - C - G/C for the verse.

The chorus seems to stay mostly with G - G/F - G/B - Cadd9, with the other bit on the 
line though the G/B may be an Em7 at times (022033), try it and see how it sounds.

Not much else to say. Comments welcome.