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One of his new cd which i love!! really good fun to play along to aswell!

Capo 5!
Standard tuning
Key of D

I'm not too sure about the chord names, so these are only estimates.

Chords E, A, D, A/C#, Esus

Esus           A/C#
e------        e-----|
b------        b--2--|
g--2---        g--2--|
D--2---        D--2--|
A--2---        A--4--|
E--0---        E-----|

*In the verses whenever shawn plays an E chord hammer your little finger on to the D 
at second fret..... like this.....


pretty easy song to play...

A                         E, Esus, E
The funniest girl I ever knew
A                        D
had hair as orange as Halloween
A                                E
The bluest eyes that saw right through
all the b.s. in everything
[ Tab from: ]
A                            E, Esus, E
She was an artist from the start
A                              D
and she always sang from the bottom of her heart
                 A            E
And through her road was so long

      A/C#           Esus      D
she finally made her way back home
           A/C#            Esus     D
yeah she finally made her way back home

The loneliest kid I ever saw
owned and old man's callused hands
sitting barefoot in front of an dime store
in a place some called the promised land
he had hollow sunken eyes
but he was smiling big like he'd won some kinda prize
he was ragged, he was rolling like a stone
in the dirty city streets that he called home
yeah the dirty city streets that he called home

Hobos, tramps and troubadours
don't ride in boxcars like they did before
seems like most of heroes just ain't around no more

I know I'm lucky to sing my songs
and if you want to you can sing along
We've been on this road so long
Won't you help me find my way back home?
Help me find my way back home

End on an A chord.

thats all there is to it, enjoy!!