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Ballad Of Kathryn Johnston Chords

This is the my first attempt at this go easy.  I watched him play it on youtube 
I'm pretty sure its accurate

Great Song... Enjoy

Am		G	    D       Dsus	    F			
Old Miss Johnston lived all alone
On the sorry side of town

Broke down cars and burglar bars

          G                            D         Dsus        F
On the windows and doors

In case danger comes around

Sittin' in her yellow kitchen

G                           D       F             Am
Listenin' to bad news on a AM radio

It used to be Louis Armstrong
G                                    D      Dsus    F

Then Martin Luther King

Where did everybody go?

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G                                             Am
Out the window where her garden was

G                              F                  Am    
It's not safe to go outside

Old Miss Johnston in the eye of the storm

F                                       Am
It was the safest place to hide

Am                                 G                                       D            F
Yeah life's a gamble for the broken and the weak

Dealin' with the bangers and the drugs

The whinos weave and amble

G                                               D        Dsus             F
And shuffle on down the street

Steerin' clear of all the thugs

G                                       Am
And now my city hangs her head in shame

G                                                      F              Am
You can't tell the truth from all the lies

Everything changed forever and everything stayed the same

F                                                Am
On the night Miss Johnston died