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Give Him A Great Big Kiss Chords

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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 07:06:23 -0500
From: Craig Carlson 
Subject: CRD: Shangri-Las "Give Him a Great Big Kiss"
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     Give Him a Great Big Kiss
     George Morton
     Intro (spoken):
     When I say I'm in luv, you best believe I'm in luv, L-U-V!
     [Guitar enters]
     [G  Em] 2x
     Verse I:
     G              Em
     Here comes my guy,
     G                  Em
     Walkin' down the street,
     G            Em             G      Em
     Look how he walks, with a dancin' beat
                 G             Em
     (Dah da da dah) Big wavy hair,
                 G                 Em
     (Dah da da dah) A little too long,
     G         Em         G        Em
     All day long he's a-singin a song,
     C                   Am
     And when I see him in the street
     G                          Em
     My heart takes a leap and skips a beat,
     (Stomp boots over next two lines, chords implied):
            [G]             [Em]
     Gonna walk right up to him,
     [G]                   [Em]
     Give Him a Great Big Kiss (Mmwaah!)
     Tell him that I love him,
     Tell him that I care,
     Tell him that I'll always be there,
     (Spoken over drums and bass):
     (Sisters): What color are his eyes?
     (Mary):    I dunno, he's always wearing shades.
     (Sisters): Is he tall?
     (Mary):    Well, I gotta look up.
     (Sisters): Yeah, well I hear he's bad!
     (Mary):    Mmmm, he's good bad, but he's not evil.
     G               Em
     Tell me more, tell me more,
     Verse II:
     Big [mumble something] (Tell me more)
     To match his eyes, (Tell me more)
     Dirty fingernails, (Tell me more)
     Oh boy! What a prize, (Tell me more)
     Tight kahki pants,
     High button shoes,
     He's always lookin', like-a he got the blues,
     Repeat chorus.
     (Spoken over G  Em]
     (Sisters):  Is he a good dancer?
     (Mary):     Waddya mean, is he a good dancer?
     (Sisters):  Well, how does he dance?
     (Mary, loses Queens accent): Close, very, very, close...
     Tab/Chord interpretation by Craig Carlson
     I just could not get that line in the second verse. It *sounds* kinda 
     like "Big broken suede", but I don't know how broken suede would match 
     his eyes. Help!
     email with corrections etc: (or)