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Real Man Chords

Real Man by Martin Sexton from the Wonder Bar CD

Chords  D:  xx0232  C:  x32010  F: xx3211
        Am: x02210  G:  320033  A: x02220
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D                        Am
In a workin' man's dream I found my simple truth
C                      G
There in the dark and on top of my roof
D                        Am
As the city's blue sound swept up from down under
C                             G
Heat lightning flashed and it got me to wonder
D                          Am
Are the troubles that life has seen fit to give me
C                  G
There to regret or there to remind me
D             Am         C           G
I'm a real
D             Am         C           G
I'm a real man
D                   Am
For so many years I believed I was broken
C                      G
The medicine sweet and the leaves I was smokin'
D                    Am
Told me I was strong righteous and firm
C                        G
But only if I comply and stay in the terms
D                     Am
With the deal made between weakness and shame
C                      G
To shelter me from the price of my pain

         F                   C                      D
And I'll do everything a man possible can to make a difference
    F         C                      A
I'll save my soul if you give me the chance
C                         D                      Am      C      G
I'll rectify my dreams if you let me see my way clear

Repeat 4x

D                          Am
As I thank my higher power for all that she'd done
C                          G
I sing to the water towers and to the rising sun
D                             Am
For every woman or car crash that ever broke me in two
C                      G     
For showing me that there's alwasy a way through