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Believe In Love Chords

This is ZIAD BEYLOUNI from lebanon ( )
*I wanted to play this song a long time ago but I couldn't find the tab on the net so
I decided to transcribe this incredibly beautiful  song performed by the greatest band
ever. The scorpions are not just a big famous band they live in us all the time...


--------------------------------- 8------------------8------------3------------6 6-4-
-3--------5-----------8------ 6---------6------ 6----------5-----------5-------------
--------------------6----------------4------------------3---------- -3---------------
How does it feel babe    to play sweet revenge do you want me on my     knees
How does it feel babe  to let me feel your strength  don't be cruel can't you  see


    G#5                          A#5
If you don't catch me now

     G#5                    A#5
I can't stop falling down

[ Tab from: ]
     G#5		                    A#5 		 C5
Just one more night and the devil's got my soul

             G#5		    A#5                 C5
I need your love babe don't leave me this way

         G#5           G#5
 Oh I miss you I miss you

Eb5          Bb5                       C5
Babe our love's got what it takes

      G#5                      A#5           Eb5   C5  Bb5  C5
To give us one more chance to start once again

Eb5          Bb5                   C5
Babe our love will find a way 

      G#5          Bb5          C5
as long as we believe in love

 *Play the intro 2 times. The second times play it like this
*the same arpegio and chords continue

how does it feel babe
to kill our destiny
I swear I'm not gonna crawl  oh no
How does it feel babe
To make a fool out of me
How can you be so cold, be so cold
if you don't catch me now......

*the rest of the song continues as before
it's an easy song but so beautiful and got so very deep lyrics
enjoy it...and long live the SCORPIONS