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Big Jims Mistake Tab

This is Big Jim's Mistake by Remebering Never, one of my favorites
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E |3-333-3-333-6-666-6-666-3-333-3-333-3-333----|      
b |4-444-4-444-3-333-3-333-4-444-4-444-4-444----|
g |0-000-0-000-3-333-3-333-0-000-3-333-0-000-310|
d |5-555-5-555-0-000-0-000-X-XXX-X-XXX-X-XXX----|
a |6-666-6-666-5-555-5-555-3-333-3-333-3-333----|
e |---------------------------------------------|

Well I am not absolutely positive its right but give me a break, I couldnt 
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