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The Wallet Chords

G         D
I found a wallet, 
G         D
I found a wallet
G           Bm               C     D
Inside were pictures of your small family
C           Bm     C              Bm
You were so young, your hair dark brown
C            Bm      C    D
You had been born in 1953
G           D            G              D
Your winter birthday was stamped on the plastic
G    Bm         C        D
Of a license so recently expired
C        Bm         C                 Bm
I was so tired as I walked through my door
C             Bm               C             D
I let all the contents of your wallet on the floor

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G               C
And like a holy relic
G            C
Or a mystery novel
G                     C
I thumbed them in the dim light
G              A 
Searching for a clue-
C             Bm
A Blockbuster card,
C               Bm
An old stick of Juicy Fruit
C          Bm            C       D
A crumpled receipt for a pair of leather boots

G         D
I have no wallet,
G         D
I have no wallet
G               Bm              C           D
I keep my cards together with a blue rubber band
C               Bm     C            Bm
And with a free hand I search in my pocket
C              Bm        C         D
For pieces of, pieces of paper and change

G                      D
I'll take your wallet
G                  D
To my local Blockbuster
G                 Bm
They'll find your number
C        Bm
in their computer
C            Bm
You'll never know me
C          Bm
I'll never know you
C                  Bm
But you will be so happy
C         D           C
When they call you up.