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Sailor Song Chords

Regina Spektor - Sailor Song
(Tabbed by Mike Long on 1/10/07)

A little weird on the guitar. The strumming pattern is key.
Play along and you'll get it. I kinda hinted to the counting
in the first verse, but just listen close!

You could also pluck the bass note and then the 1st and 2nd
strings for each chord (what Regina does on the piano, moreorless)
but master the rhythm first...

The chord changes should match almost perfectly with the lyrics... 

G(arpeggio)       C (1 count)   F (2 counts)
she .........will kiss til your lip bleeds

             G (1/2 count) C(1/2 count)
but she will not take her dress off

C          F
americana, tropicana

G(arpeggio)      C                F
all..........the sailor boys have demons

           G           C       G     F
they sing "oh kentucky why did you forsake me

         G                 C   G           F
if i was meant to sail the sea why did you make me

             G             C-G
it should've been another state

oh sta-a-ate..
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      C             F
cause mary anne's a bitch

C             F
mary anne's a bitch

C  ---------- C/B# - Fm - F ------> G/G/G/G !!! 
mary anne's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch

G (arpeggio)    C               F matter that our anchors

        G              C           F
couldnt even reach the bottom of a bath tub

        G                 C
and the sails reflect the moon,

      G            F
its such a strange job

        G                 C
playing black jack on the deck

          C              F 
still... atop this giant puddle dressed in

G                  C      G        F
white we'd quitely huddle with our missiles

       G                   C - G
and we miss the girls back home

      C - G - F
oh home sweet home

cause mary anne's a bitch
mary anne's a bitch
mary anne's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.........

she will kiss until your lip bleeds
but she will not take her dress off
americana, tropicana.....



<3 Regina <3