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Apres Moi Bass Tab

Apres Moi by Regina Spektor
Standard Tuning
(I preform this part with a keyboardist and a singer, and it works out really well)

h = hammer on
p = pull off

at 1:50, x4
(This is played by a violin and a xylophone in the song, but I replace it with bass)

G ----------------------------|
D ----------------------------|
A --5--578-------7--5--5--4---|
E ---------6---6--------------|

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repeated from about 3:25 to about 4:22
(This is the actual bass part, though I'm not really sure it stays the same through the 
thing. It's hard to hear in the actual song, but just playing this the whole time sounds good)

G ---------------------------------|
D --------------------7h8p75-------|
A ---578------7----8---------875---|
E -------6--6----6-----------------|

(and From the end of that part until about 4:50, I replace the percussion by tapping the bass)

Thanks for looking at my tab (it's my first). I hope it helps.