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New Aryans Tab

   New Aryans, very easy, very simple to play.
                                                      strum the C and
                                                  the E chords like the song
  E             E                                       C    E
E-----0-7-6-7-------0-7-10-7                          E-----------7-7-0-3-|
B--------------------------- (intro)                  B-5-----------------|
G-9-9-----------9-9--------- do this        then when G-5----9------------|
D-9-9-----------9-9--------- part twice      he sings D-5----9------------|
A-7-9-----------7-7---------                          A-3----7------------|
E-0-0-----------0-0---------                          E------0------------|

The "New Order, No Order" part is here
(again, strum the C chord like the song)
  C   E
B-5------------    then it's C back to E--|     The other part when he sings
G-5---9-----------------------------------|    back to C until it goes   "no master race is gonna rule
D-5---9--------    back to the intro------|         this land" is just open A to
A-3---7-----------------------------------|                              to open E.

         So there it is, real simple stuff - the Axe Miester !
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