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In Dog We Trust Chords

Artist: reagan Youth
Song: In Dog We Trust
Album: A Collection of Pop Classics

Chords used:

A5: 577xxx
G#5: 466xxx
F#5: 244xxx
E5: 022xxx

E5 (no. 2): x799xx
F#5 (no. 2): x 9 11 xx 
C#5: x466xx
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intro/most of the song:
A5(x3)  G#5(x6)  <----2x i believe
G#5 (x3)  F#5(x6) <-----at the end of each riff
*during this rhythm part there's alot of wanking going on. it's mostly done 
in the key of G# (11th fret of G string and usually 12th fret of the D 
string) i apologize for not  having the time nor patience to figure/tab it 
all out.

2nd part (about 2/3rds of the way through, after the "drum solo") 
G#5 (x4)  A5 (x1)  F#5 (x4)  E5(x1)  F#5 (x8)

do that 4 times and then leave off the last note of it and slide on up to 
F#5 (no. 2) (x3)  E5 (no.2) (x3)  C#5 (x6)

and that's it.