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Intro Bm, G, D G D Bm

She lifts her skirt up to her knees 
G				                     D
Walks through the garden of roses with her bare feet laughing 
I never learned to count my blessings 
G			        D
I choose instead to dwell in my disasters
I walk on the down the hill 
Through grass grown tall and brown 
G				            D
And still itís hard somehow to let go of my pain 
Bm				  F#
On past the busted bags and that old and rusted Cadillac 
G			             D
That sinks into this field collecting rain 
D	A	G	Bm	F#
Will I always feel this way? 
D	A	G	Bm	F#
So empty, so estranged

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And of these cut through busted sunsets 
G				D
These cold and damp white mornings I have grown weary 
If through my cracked and dusty dimestore lips 
I spoke these words out loud would no one to hear me?
Lay your blouse across the chair 
Let fall the flowers from your hair 
G				D
And kiss me with that country mouth so plain 
Bm				F#
Outside the rain is tapping on the leaves 

To me its sounds like theyíre 
G			D
Applauding us the sweet love we made 
D	A	G	Bm	F#
Will I always fell this way? 
D	A	G	Bm	F#
So empty so strange 

Well I looked my demons in the eyes
Laid bare my chest, said do your best, destroy me
See Iíve been to hell and back so many times
I must admit you kinda bore me
Thereís a lot of things that can kill a man, thereís a lot of ways to die
Yes and some already dead who walk beside me
Thereís a lot of things I donít understand
Why so many people lie
Well itís the hurt I hide that fuels the fire inside me
Will I always feel this way?
So empty so estranged?