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Quola Bear Experience Tab

_______________________________________________________________    __________________________________________________________________________________                
_________________________________________________________4_____    ____________4___________________4_________________4________________4______________
______4_____4________4_____4________4_____4________4_______4___    ______4_______4___4_______4_______4___4______4______4___4______4_____4___4________
____4___4_4___4____4___4_4___4____4___4_4___4____4___4_4_______    ____4___4_______4_______4___4_______4______4___4______4______4___4_____4__________   Play (this part only) twice 
__2____________________________________________________________    __2_______________________________________________________________________________
_________________2______________4______________0_______________    ______________________2_________________4__________________0______________________


make a rock chord on the A string starting on the 3rd fret 
then, move up one string so that the same rock chord is starting
on the E string 

 then, move down two frets so that that same rock chord on the E now starts 
at the 5th fret

  then u slide all the way down so that u r still starting on E but the rock 
chord now starts on the 1st fret

 then u do a p.m. twice every other strum 
           the rest is very complicated so if u wana know it, e mail me
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