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Mud In Your Eye Chords

Criticism is encouraged.
This is my first Lofgren tab that Iíve done.  The Cadd9 chord and C chord at the end of 
first 2 verses Iím not sure about, but it sounds good.  The second half after the first 
verses I obtained a part or two I couldnít pick out from  Criticism encouraged.

Mud In Youíre Eye Lyrics/tabs
The rhythm is fairly simple when you listen to the song
Chords to know:

Chord	E	A	D	G	B	E
Cmaj7	0	3	2	0	0	0
Cadd9	0	3	2	0	3	0
Bm	x	2	4	4	3	2
F#m	2	4	4	2	2	2
C#m	x	4	6	6	5	4
Dmaj7	x	x	0	3	3	3

GEDG, GEDG, EDBmE, GEDG, EDEG, GEDG, Cmaj7-C-Cadd9-D, GEDG   Then comes in the rest of 
song after that for the intro.

You used to leave your scent  (GEDG)
On his whiskey soaked collar  (GEDG)
You both would paint the town  (EDBmE)
Drink up his very last dollar  (GEDG)
And then you loved him for fun  (EDEG)
And rode away when it was done  (GEDG)
Now heís confused and I know why  (Cmaj7-C-Cadd9-D)
Ainít that mud in your eye  (GEDG)

(Sturm w/everything muted for the next lyric)
(Some of these lyrics towards the end of this verse are sang while playing the riffs, 
thatís why it appears one riff to be left over at the end of this progression, starting at 
realized you were no longer freeĒ)
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Ainít like rain  (GEDG)
Remember lively little Richard.  (GEDG)
But his men were painting town  (EDBmE)
You were in need of attention  (GEDG)
So he thought heíd take you on down  (EDEG)
And there you first saw me  (GEDG)
And realized you were no longer free  (Cmaj7-C-Cadd9-D)
Cuz true love good girls canít deny  (GEDG)
It comes and goes like mud in youíre eye.  (Cmaj7-C-Cadd9-D)
(After that progression and the last lyric there comes another GEDG
And from here out chords are played during singing instead of prior)

Sometimes a victim can run
But not when both have been Ďvon
And I ainít no stranger
I built you up to shoot you down
Once you could thrill me
Now Iím the jury
And youíll be a cinch to convict

Your boyís gonna make the great escape
While your laid bare on the ground
This vengeance had to and in crime
I built you up and shoot you down

You know Iím not usually that kind
But you didnít know he was a brother of mine

But Iíll just laugh if you cry
Now ainít that mud in your eye