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Evermore Chords

By Neil Diamond
From 12 Songs

This song is set up kind of weird. There are two different styles of verses (different
based on music). The numbered verses account for one set of chords and overall soun
 and the lettered verses account for the second set of chords. Listen to the song;
youíll see what I mean. Comments and corrections welcomed. 


        G         C            G    C
Have we come this far, to have gone astray
          G    C               G           D
I've been lost before, but not lost this way
        C               D          C
You and me thought we'd be evermore

Verse A

Do I know you, did I ever
Thought I did, now I know better
Saw the signs but not the danger
F                G             F     C     F C
How'd you get to be a stranger at my door?

Verse B

Promises got left behind and 
Reason fell between the lines
The words unsaid we should have spoken
Both misled and left us broken evermore
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Verse 1

        F       C             F       C
Have we said it all, is there more to say
             Bm       C              Bm      G
Thought we'd paid our dues, is there more to pay
          F             G          C                                       
What's to be of you and me evermore?

Verse C

Was it love or just illusion? 
All I see is our confusion 
Came upon us unsuspecting 
Here we are reflecting on the last of it

Verse 2

If you think of me, in a year or two
Find that photograph showing me with you
What you see, is what should be evermore


Tell me why
Donít know why
F      G
Oh, why?

Verse D

Whereís the truth we took for granted
Walking outís not how we planned it
Played it loose but stayed together
Thought we had the truth but never knew the score

Verse 3

If itís done for now, and itís time to go
Thereís one thing unsaid, thought youíd want to know
Love you still, guess I will, evermore
Love you still, guess I will, evermore