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Angel Chords

sent from= sk8terdudes1
artist=Michael munn

Here's a song from Michael Munn..

      G                    F           C                         Cm
     Holds her head up high, wonder why, she doesn't just believe, oh

    G                     F                C                  Cm
     Where the weak resign she still can fly the will to believe.


    Em                          F            C                       Cm
     Still she cries when the rain comes, she thinks it descizes her tears

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    Em                        F                             C                        Cm
      Face to the wind, she smiles once again, some how her fait, is stronger than her fear,


     Cm   G                   F    C                                   Cm               G
      Oh lord, send her an angel, spread your wings and cover her tonight, or lift her up,

                             F                 C                Cm              G     F,C,Cm,  G 
      With the wings of an angel, she's gonna fly, she's gonna fly, she's gonna fly…

   Ya'll will enjoy this song…