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Satisfied by Ian Moore, from his self-titled album
Transcription by myself, James Wyatt (

This version is from the studio/album version.  I've seen Ian live several times, and he's not played this song (or any other, for that matter) the same way twice.  Use a little bit of reverb and some faint distortion to get the sound.  It's in standard tuning (EADGBe).

This is a great song that needs to be available for everyone to learn from.  It's simple and 
straightforward.  Using power chords for the verses is the easiest way, but you can try to throw in barre chords or open chords too.  The E5 is the power chord on the 7th fret, A string.  You might also add a run after the chorus verse, denoted by the *, like this on the E:  ---3--2--0 then hit the E chord.
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Chords used:
E:   022xxx
E5:  0799xx
G#:  466xxx
C#:  x466xx
F#:  244xxx
B:   x244xx
A:   x022xx

      E		G#		   C#	         F#
If I fell at your feet, would you ever notice me?

      B			   A			E	
Hey baby  	would you just		pass me by

      	  E			G#
If I were hurting, deep in the night,

	    C#				 F#
Would you call and make everything all right?

      B			A			E
Hey baby	would I have to 	ask you why.

	     B				E
Let me in mama	and we'll take it real slow.

	          B			    E
I'll show you things	if you just let me go.

		   B			 C#
I'll give you my money, give you my timeā€¦

		E5	      B	     A
I'll give you anything, to make you mine.

E		        B			A *
All I want	is to keep you		satisfied.