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Stay By My Side Chords

noticed this wasnt on any tab sites so I thought Id give it a try, this is my 
first tab :S so be nice. I find it best if you play it as barre chords cuz thats 
how he plays it so yeah.

intro: A D E D 

verse 1:

Its hard to believe,
Youd think Id ever leave
    E                            D
Oh woman now dontcha know just what you mean to me
Youre the mother of our children, 
That little girl and boys
        E                          D
Theres nothing in this world that really bring us so much joy,
As when were all together
I couldnt let that go, 
   E                      D
I know you love me better than any of them so, 

E                D
Stay by my side, never let them go, 
E                D
Stay by my side, for I love you so, oh 
E                D
Youre like the alpha and omega
Youre my queen Im your king
Like Solomon and the queen of Sheba aha
Just like the yang and the ying

verse 2: same as verse 1
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I said its hard to believe that you would ever leave,
But if ever you wanna go you know Id set you free,
I dont wanna loose this love we have to triviality,
Because beyond being my lover you are my soul mate you see, 
We go through tribulations through stress and through strife,
But Im so glad to say you are my partner for life yeahh,


Stay by my side, this love is so true
Stay by my side, rest assured me and you
Were like the moon and the sun 
Like Venus and Mars
Ill call you my number one yeah
Cause it was written in the stars yeah

Yeah yeahh (x2)

I see a green hill over yonder,
You know that absence makes the heart grow fonder,
You are my shinning star, wherever we are yeah,

Stay by my side, for the journey belong
Stay by my side, together we belong

My faith in you, your faith in me, 
Its a beautiful thing,
Some things are meant to be yeah,
So yall hear me when I sing, yeah,

Love it makes things better yeah,
Your love it makes things better yeah
Oh in the sunshine or in the stormy weather now,

One perfect love, one blessed love, one true love, 
Ja universal love, yes, uh-love-love-love-love
Yes, uh-love-love-love-love, 
Dont let them listen no no no no 
I dont wanna leave you no no no no no
What ever it is you fancy woman, uho uho-hoo

Stay by my side, yeah x2

Stay by my, stay by my side, yeah yeah

Love it makes things better yeah, 
Love it makes things better yeah,
One perfect love, one blessed love, one true love, 
The universal love, yes your love.