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Wildfire Chords

Wildfire        capo 3rd        Michael Martin Murphey

Intro lick C   Cmaj7            Fmaj7   Fmaj9 (hammer on 2nd string 3rd fret)

          C   Cmaj7            Fmaj7   Fmaj9
She comes down     from Yellow Mountain
C      Cmaj7               Fmaj7   Fmaj9
  On a dark, flat land she rides
F                        Em
     On a pony she named Wildfire
F                     Em
     Whirlwind by her side
Dm                   Em     (intro lick)
   On a cold Nebraska night.

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          C   Cmaj7            Fmaj7   Fmaj9
Oh, they say she died one winter
          C   Cmaj7            Fmaj7   Fmaj9
When there came an early frost
F                        Em
And the pony she named Wildfire
F                        Em
Busted down its stall,
Dm                   Em     
In a blizzard she was lost.

                          F      Em
CHORUS:   She ran calling Wild---fire,
                          F      Em
          She ran calling Wild---fire,
                  F     Em         Dm     G        C  (intro lick)
          calling Wi----i----ld----fi----i----re.

C       Cmaj7              Fmaj7   Fmaj9
 By the dark of the moon I planted
C          Cmaj7         Fmaj7   Fmaj9
 But there came an early snow.
F                               Em
     Been a hoot owl howlin' outside my window now,
F                        Em
     For six nights in a row.
Dm                       Em
   She's comin' for me, I know
       Dm                       Em
And on Wildfire we're both gonna go.