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Internal Dialogue Tab

Internal Dialogue - Maria Mena

Tuning 1 half step down
To be able to play the picking: drop the two lowest strings another two half steps
steps (E (or Eb) to Db and A (or Ab) to Gb). Final tuning: Db-Gb-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb

The chords noted are relative to the half step down tuning

Chords used when dropping the two lowest strings (recommended)

Dsus2    0xx230
Dsus2/Bb x3x230
Dsus2/G  x0x230
F        3x3211
C        x5555x
Bb       x3333x
Dm       xx0231
C/E      xx2010
C/G      x0555x
C/D      0xx010

Db|-0----------------| x4

First verse:

   (Dsus2)          (Dsus2)            (Dsus2/Bb)       (Dsus2/G)
Db|-0--------------|-0---------------|----------------|----------------| x2

Chorus (Similar picking on chords) 

F   C    Dsus2  x2

Bb  C  Dm  C/E
Bb  C/G  Dsus2

Second and third verse (picking)

Dsus2  C/D  Bb  C/G x 2  

Good luck!

/ Gustaf Friberg

Lyrics with chords:

Dsus2                               Dsus2/Bb 
It must have been hard; staying in line
             Dsus2/G                     Dsus2 
knowing your influences did it all the time
It must have been strange; living in blue
and see me shut down as though

it was an easy thing to do

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F                    C
But you could tell where I had been
by the way I held my gun
F           C             Dsus2
Trying to write anything while being

mocked by an off beat drum

Bb         C
But I was not honest
Dm        C/E
I was not healthy
Bb         C/G       Dsus2
I was not honest, honest.

Dsus2              C/D                  Bb
You did the right thing, covered your scars
Challenged your faith
and closed your eyes driving cars
                   C/D                Bb
For all that they knew you were safe home
But you went through hell

whenever you were left alone

F                    C
But you could see where I had been
in the pictures that they took
F                C
I tried to look positive at things,
Faced myself but didn't look
Bb         C
That was not honest
Dm        C/E
I was not healthy
Bb         C/G       Dsus2
I am not honest, honest.

Dsus2            C/D                      Bb
I wish you could see yourself through my eyes
                    C/G                 Dsus2  
There's no need to cling to unnecessary lies
                   C/D                   Bb
The voice in your head whose spirit you stole
              C/G                  F
left you for dead but you dug the hole

(F)              C
And I can tell where you have been
from the marks around your wrists
F              C
The red water washed around your sins
but are you as pure as this?

Bb          C
No you are not honest
Dm        C/E
You are not healthy
Bb         C/G       Dsus2
You are not honest, honest

Bb       C
you are not honest
Dm        C/E
you are not healthy
Bb         C/G       Dsus2
you are not honest, honest