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From: "Corporate Rock Records" 
Subject: CRD: "Hell's Garden" by LATE and/or Foo Fighters
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 16:49:43 PST

Artist/Author: LATE! or Foo Fighters
Song: "Hell's Garden"
Album: pocketwatch
Transcribed by: Roy J. Burks 

This song is really easy and I'm not surprised it hasn't been posted 
yet. However for those of us who are just starting to play here ya go!
chords: E (022100), A (X02220), G (320033) or (355433)

Intro: E, A, E, A, E, A, G (repeat as neccassary)

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E,A,      E, A, E, A, G
Threw it all away 
Live in green and gray
Threw it all away

E       A     E     A       E      A      G  
You and I in hell's garden, hell's garden the way it                                         
used to work
I'm in hell's garden, hell's garden the way it ought                                              
to work
repeat verse
Free to pass the time
Sacriorbic? lies
Turns to yours and mine
free to pass the time

This whole tape rocks so let's see some of the other stuff from it, as 
well as stuff from the "Touch" soundtrack (LATE! also played on that 
Peace, Love and Empathy---------------Roy J.

"Corporate Rock Records: Screwing up the industry for the good of the 
little guy!"
Yes We Are A Record Company!

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