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I Wanna Get Close Chords

Title: I Wanna Get Close
Arist: Kyla

                    This is the new song of Kyla
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Intro: C-G-Am-G-C-Em-C-G-C-Am
La-La-La-La yeah

 G                  C9     Em
I think I finally found the one
That ive been looking for
    G        C
I knew that it was you
As soon as you walked through
that door
                       C        G
through I didnt know what to say
Just one smile you brighten
up my day
  Am                           D
And now all I really want to do is.
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 G                    C
I wanna get close to you
Coz I couldnt take my
  C     D
eyes of you
G                     D
Oh baby, Im blinded by you
 C             G              Am
Everyone knows that it shows
       G  intro
I wanna get close 

(Do stanza chords)
I still remember when you smiled
at me and said hello
Oh i cant forget the day we met
Whatyou did for me you never
know,Through I didn't know what
tod do
All I did was dream of holding you
And now baby all I want to say to you is
(repeat chorus)

Chorus 2:

A         D           E
I wanna get close to you
  F#m          C#m       D     
Coz I ouldnt take my eyes     
off you
Oh baby you're such a 
dream come ture
D                       Bm
Everyone knows that it shows
I wanna get  close 

 A            D       E
(oh oh,.what a feeling)
          F#m        C#m
Cause I get your smile
           D       E
Touch me deep inside
      F#m     Em   A
(oh oh,.what a feeling)
I know you feel i too
 D              Bm E
Coz its for me and you

(Do CP: A-D-Bm-E)
Come close to me
La-La-La-La Yeah