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On My Mind Tab

On My Mind

Tabbed by Brian Steffensen


tabbed: Aug 15, 2004.

This is a relatively easy song to play, This tab isn't exact
as far as picking pattern and such are concerned but I am
98.2 % sure that the chords are correct. Well have fun.

Note: Standard Tuning,Capo on 3rd fret


         D            A7      G/B           G      A7sus2
e |-------0-h-2-----------------------0--------3-------------|
b |-------3-----3--------2--------3----0-------3-------2-h-3-|
g |-----2--------2------0---------0-----0-----0--------0-----|
d |---0----------------2--------0---------------------2------|
a |-------------------0--------2---------------------0-------|
E |-------------------x----------------------3---------------|


        G     D     A7           Em                      A7sus2
e |-----3------2------        ------------------------------------|
b |-----3------3----2-        ---------------------------3--------|
g |-----0------2----0-   X 3  ---------------------------0--------|
d |-----0------0----2-        ---2---2--2---2------------2--------|
a |-----2-------------        ---2---0--0---0-h-2---0-------------|
E |-----3-------------        ---0---2--3---0---------------------|

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/kalai/on_my_mind_tab.html ]
        Bm     A    G    A7                   Em                     A7sus2
e |-----2------0----3------------          -----------------------------------|
b |-----3------2----3-----2------   X 3    --------------------------3--------|
g |-----4------2----0-----0------          --------------------------0--------|
d |-----4------2----0-----2------          ---2---2--2---2-----------2--------|
a |-----2------0----2-----0------          ---2---0--0---0-h-2---0------------|
E |-----2-----------3------------          ---0---2--3---0--------------------|


   Pretty lady on my mind got me gone again
   She tell me it's all in a line and I'm on again
   But I Won't worry I'll be free yeah
   I'll be the only child of the love I see

   ( chorus )
   I've been known to take my time
   I've been told that I'm alright
   I don't know if I'm your kind
   All I know is that you are
   On my mind

   I live a life that others live but I'm far away
   I play the cards you roll the dice and we'll play the game
   ANd If I win I'll sweetly say yeah
   Anna, you missed the moon today

   ( chorus )

   All my energies
   All my lazy days
   Keep remindin me
   that you go on and on and
   you're on my mind

   The darkness falls the shadows break and the dawn returns
   And even then I can't explain how deep it burns
   Let your thoughts release the cold
   And you'll find the body's youger than the soul

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