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Undercover Angel Tab

TAB BY : THOMAS FARRELL e-mail : andycole10@hotmail.com

NOTES : This is a nice depressing song by an excellent band and i was desperatly looking for
someone to tab this song out till i did it myself by messing around so i feel this is as close
as i can get the d/f# is some places could be a D or vice versa but this is the way i like 
to play it but if u think different i am interested in your comment at the e-mail addy
up above and why are u reading this??? ou should be playing it the second it comes up on the 
screen man!!!  or girl might  accused of discrimination against women guitarists if i didnt put
in girl and noel gallagher was wrong to say women are only there to polish guitars some women
look sexy holding the six string beast play away!!

G    (320003)
D/F# (200233)
Am   (X02210)
A5   (X022XX)
C    (X32010)
D    (XX0232)
Em   (022000)

B--8--8--7---7--8-8-8--8--7---7---10-10-10---10--8--8---10-10-10----10--8--8-- PLAY 2 TIMES

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jj72/undercover_angel_tab_ver_2.html ]
G     D/F#     G    D/F#
I saw you in a ri---ver   
  Am   A5       Am      A5
 star-dust and golden spray
G        D/F#        G    D/F#
was sent down by the good sun
Am      A5      Am        A5
covered you and made you shine

C     D                      G   D/F#   Em
an ang-ellll thats what your aaaaaaarrrrreeeee
C                D                   G  D/F#  Em
but this shining flower knows it can stinggggggggggg

G  D/F#   G    D/F#
i know my mind is
Am   C  Am   C
tak--en over by 
     G    D/F#        G       D/F#
this satellite in the land of cloud
Am   C        Am    A5
where you fell frommmmm
C     D                      G       D/F#      Em 
an ang-ellll thats what your ARE
C 		 D 		     G      D/F#    Em
but this shining flower knows it can stingggggg

G    D/F#         G      D/F#
honesty it could destroy me
Am   A5      Am       A5
an angel is worth the risk
  G     D/F#            G   D/F#
of being sentenced by a pi--lot
Am A5       Am       A5
to my      dreamland cross