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Snow Chords

JJ72 - 'Snow'
This is a thrash metal song!

Strum an A min, and then...
Intro chords (arpeggiate these)

C, F

          C                  F
People go dancing in crowded rooms,
                   C               F
My head is getting tired, darkness looms,
            C                     F
Children go cursing at their only cause

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jj72/snow_crd.html ]
F            Dmin F                 Dmin
Why won't it snow like they said it would?
F                    Dmin F             Dmin
What is it that they know that I really should?

Check my look in the mirror,
It don't glow,
My face is getting thinner,
Darkness shows
Children go cursing at their only cause.


Instrumental chords:
C,D,E,F, Fsharp, G