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Brother Sleep Tab

Song: Brother Sleep
Artist: JJ72
Album: I To Sky

This song is pure class. This is the way Mark played it when i 
went to see them. One of my favourites on the album (along with 
Glimmer and City)
Any corrections/comments to Risher909@aol.com

Chords used:

C         332010
Cmaj7     332000
Fmaj7     133210
Em        022000
Am        x02210
G         320000
F         133211

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   C       Cmaj7     C        Cmaj7       Am       Em    Fmaj7
b--1---1----0----0---1----1---0----0---0--1---1---0---0---1---1 etc---

Repeat intro and finish strum on:

Verse 1: (Same picking as intro)

C               Cmaj7       C         Cmaj7
This room is as white as a ghost,

         Am            Em            Fmaj7      
In this space you can see your own breath.

     C          Cmaj7        C         Cmaj7
This room is as cold as it's host,

          Am                Em          Fmaj7    
Is it the sleep that is the brother of death?

Verse 2: (Same chords as verse 1 but strummed rather than picked)

          C       Em             Am       Fmaj7
I'm gonna see you through this my love, my love

Verse 3: (Same chords and strumming as verse 2)

etc etc