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Spiralling Tab

song: spiralling
band: Jimmies Chicken Shack
album: Bring Your Own Sterio
Tabbed by: Adam Dannis

				E     G     A     Dbm
				0      3      0       4
				0      3      2       5
				1      0      2       6
				2      0      2       6
				2      2      0       4
				0      3      x       4
	         E      G      A
             	-0------3------0----------------------	verse has guitar 2 (electric) playing the intro while  
                -0------3------2-----x--2-3-2-3-2-3---  gtr.1 plays the chord progession (E,G,A)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jimmies_chicken_shack/spiralling_tab.html ]
	-----x--4------------------------------           chorus has gtr.2 playing the picked out part as shown while
	-----------5--x--5---7----------------           gtr.1 plays what i think is just an E to what i'm pretty sure is 
	---------------------------3-3/4------            a Dbm or a variation of it but i'm not possitive

	Sidenote: I'm not going to tell you that this is sertainly correct because, like, what are the odds, right? 
        I will, however, tell you that it's close. Oh, and on a seperate topic, i have a small complaint slash suggestion. 
        On both of the Lazy Boy Dash tabs that are currently on the guitar tab universe list only have the intro. Now, the 
        attempt at being helpfull is appreciated but I find few things as frusterating than setting out in serch of a song 
        tab and getting 10 second fragments. Not to be too critical; i don't want to seem like i'm trying to be mean or 
        anything but for future refferance, please figure out at least a majoraty of a song befor posting anything. sorry 
        if i may have offended either of the people that posted that song. 
         PS: any corrections or additions would be great, just don't send me crap about my spelling, I slapped this all together
         at about 3am.