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Do Right Tab

Jimmies Chicken Shack
 Do Right 
 Bring Your Own Stereo(1999)
 written by Jimi Haha
 Tabbed By Sam oldskewl83@hotmail.com 

 okay Jimmies Chicken Shack is back with yet another awesome song....

 Standard Tuning (EADGBe)

 (in this opening Verse...The Chord is played once at the beggining of
 each sentence...just listen to the song its not hard to catch on)

 A C#5
 Wont Make the Bed Up Straight I Always Stay Out Late
 D5 F5 A
 I Never take You Out Ask What Your All About I Always 
 C#5 D5 
 Smell Like Smoke Every Things Just a Joke I Never Look
 At You When You Come Hear Me Sing....

 Okay in the next part play the chords above (A,C#5,D5,F5)

 (with light distortion)
 These are not all of the 
 Many Simple Things
 You Can Find Wrong with Me
 Once Would you tell me Please

 What Do I Do What Do I Do...right

 the next part....
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jimmies_chicken_shack/do_right_tab_ver_4.html ]
 A C#5 D5 F5 
 E|---------------------------------------------------------------|(/ = Hammer On)

 (Note on 2nd time this run goes through....it ends with just the strum of F5)

 Additional Lyrics 

 I Never Talk to You
 Be Who You want Me To
 My Musics Way Too Loud
 My Friends Are All So Proud
 Say Im Just Wasted Hope
 I Could Not Thread the Rope
 More than my Pockets Broke
 And You Dont see A Ring...

 These Are Not All of The
 Infinitesimal Things
 You Can Find Wrong with me
 Once Would You Tell Me Please....


 (Okay Here it Changes up a bit..the chords are F#5,C#5,B5,A..then Em)

 Never Wanted to Play in This Game
 Yes Youre Right
 But Losing the Game Dosent Mean
 That were losing the Fight


 (Okay Here in goes into Reggae Chords)

 A C#5 D5 F5
 (x Scratch picking)

 What Do I Do....that is Right....

 Thats It! Enjoy!