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Whats Your Name Chords

this song its really easy here it is!

capo 4
intro: G- C
verse1: G-C 
oh oh uh uh 
I turn aroun you're there again
and suddenly your gone
i wanna get to know you but i don't know who you are
your the kinda girl
whi makes me start to lose my mind
i wanna get together but your
oh so hard to find
i see you when i'm at the Starbucks
as your walkin' out the door
i see you when i'm rentin' movies
when your laving the store
i need an opportunity 
there's something i wanna ask
i never seem to ever get the chance
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what's your name what's your name
oh i really wanna know
you got me going crazy
and i want you more and more
oh hey this could be something real i gotta let you know the way i feel
what's you name what's your name
oh i really wanna know
cuz everytime i get there
that it's right before you go
oh hey if only you cuold see
i wanna get yo know you
and you get you knowing me

verse2: G-C
woah see you at the mall 
you're hanging out with all your friends
i'm ready, gonna make my move you do before i get the chance
you know you got me tripping
thinking 'bout you day and night
but i can't get to know you 
if you don't know i'm alive

i see you when you're at the beach
and your loading up the car
i see you when i'm at the concert
then the lights go dark
there's somethign i dotto find out 
if i ever get the chance
there's only three words i wanna ask

chorus : G-C

bridge: Bb -F - G / x2
Oh Oh Yeah no no no
 now wait up Oh no, don't go away now
too late
i missed you name girl
oh no, don't go please
'cause i'm the one you need
D -G repeat like 8 times
oh no, don't go
i've got to tell you
how 'bad i want you
all i need
is a chance
another opportunity to ask


easy..isn't it?

isi Z