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Feelin You Chords

 Dm                A#maj
I see something in you
 C maj              A 7
Something nobody sees
 Dm                A#maj
I see yellow and blue
            C maj            A 7
Yeah, the sunshine and the sea
 Dm            C maj          A#maj
When I think of love I think of you
Yeah it's my favourite thing to do
 Dm                      A#maj
You're my missing puzzle piece
         C maj             A7
Yeah you are, perfect for me

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 A# maj           
You walk into the room
 C maj  
All eyes are on you
 A7                          Dm   C maj
Everyone wants to know your name
Baby you make 'em swoon
 C maj  
Yeah baby you're so smooth
 A7                              Dm  C maj
You take every breath I breathe away
I just wanna tell you baby
 A7                    Dm
How much I am feelin' you

 A#maj            C maj  A7
You, you, you, you, you
 Dm                    A#maj
Yeah, you got your own rules
 C maj                     A7
I don't mind playing your way
 Dm              A#maj 
Baby take me to school
               C maj                     A7
And I'll pay attention to every word you say

    A7                    F
...How much I am feelin' you


 C                  Dm
I'm right where I wanna be
 A#maj               F
Next to you standing next to me
 C        A           Dm      F
Oh baby why don't you take my hand
          C             Dm
And we'll walk to the other side
  A#maj                  F    
Where all we see is that love is blind
  C        A     
I think by now you understand
Just wanna tell you baby
How much I am feelin'...