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Take You Back Chords

this is Take you back by Jeremy Camp this version of the song is a bit harder than
so dont give up if you cant get it right the 1st time especilly for beginners(i've been
for 2 years). Have fun and GOD BLESS! A=X02220,Dmaj7=XX0222,F#m=244222,D=XX0232,E=022100,
Dsus2=XX0230,A/C#=X42250(i think i got all those right lol)

A          Dmaj7  F#m
The reason why i stand
      D             A
the answer lies in you
      Dmaj7           F#m
you hung to make me strong
 D                    A
though my praise was few
       F#m                       D
when i fall i bring your name down
but i have in you
   Dmaj7              F#m
a heart that bleeds forgivness
                     Bm7           C#m7
replacing all these thoughts of painful memories
        Bm7            C#m 7
but i know that your response will always be

I'll take you back
always yeah
even when your fight is over now
even when your fight is over now
i'll take you back
always yeah
even when the pain is coming through
even when the pain is coming through
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verse 2:
A       Dmaj7     F#m
you satisfy this cry
     D               A
of what i'm looking for
         Dmaj7       F#m     D           A
and i'll take all i can and lay it down before
      F#m          D         A
the throne of endless grace now
      Dmaj7          A
that radiates whats true
     Dma7     F#m
i'm in the only place that
                   Bm7         C#m7
erases all these thoughts that have overtaken me
             Bm7       C#m7
but i know that your respnse will always be
(Chorus again)

Bridge:(this part i'm not totally  sure so i'll probably update later)
       Bm7                A/C#
I can only speak with a grateful heart
         Dsus2          E            A
as i'm peirced by this gift of your love
         Bm7             A/C#
i will always bring an offering
   E                    Dsus2
I can never thank you enough
(back to chorus but quietly at first and just keep on repeating until the end... listen
the recording and you'll hear what i'm talking about)

remember Genises 1:1

In the begining God created the heavens and the earth.

no we did not come around by random chance from a cosmic explosion,we were created by an
desighner and yes i beileve in a global flood just like the Bible says and yes i
it was a literal 7 day 24 hour day creation week. and yes i beileve that the earth is 
between 6 to 10 thousand years old