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Empty Me Chords

Artist: Jeremy Camp
Song: Empty Me
Tuning: EADGBe

Heres how to play it w/o a capo.

     F#         C#
  Holy Fire, burn away,
    Eb          B
  My desire, for anything,
  That is not of you,
    C#                 Eb               B
  And is of me, I want more or you and less of me,

  F#, C#, Eb, B

  Repeat Verse
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  F# C# Eb B  F# C# Eb B
  Empty Me,   Empty Me,
  F#    C#        Eb     B
  Fill, Won't You Fill Me,
  F#    C#  Eb   B
  With You, With You

  Repeat Verse

  Repeat Chorus
  F# C# Eb B  

  After 2nd chorus play outro while he's saying all that stuff.

   I love this song. It is very simple to play, if you know barre chords. 
  If you have any questions just email me at