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Beautiful One Chords

Intro: G A2 D/F# (2x)

G                  A2    
Wonderful,   so   wonderful

Is   your   unfailing   love

       G                     A2              Bm
Your   cross  has   spoken   mercy   over   me

     G                        A2
No   eye   has   seen,   no   ear   has   heard

No   heart   could   fully   know

      G                 A2                 D
How   glorious,   how   beautiful   You   are...
              G               A2
Beautiful     One,     I      love     You

              G              A2     
Beautiful     One     I     adore

              G                A2                 D
Beautiful     One,     my      soul     must     sing!
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Verse 2:
G                A2
Powerful,   so   powerful

Your   glory   fills   the   skies

       G                   A2                         Bm
Your   mighty   works   displayed   for   all   to   see

      G                    A2
The   beauty   of   your   majesty

Awakes   my   heart   to   sing

      G                  A2                 D  
How   marvelous,   how   wonderful   you   are...

Chorus (2x)

Bridge (2x):
      G                                A2  
You   opened   my   eyes   to   your   wonders   anew

      G                              A2
You   captured   my   heart   with   this   love

          G                                A2                D 
Because   nothing   on   earth   is   as   beautiful   as   You...

Chorus (2x)