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			Jeffries Fan Club
		           Like A Dog

Ok dude, I wrote this tab just for you.  This song is pretty simple so it
wasn't too hard to do.  It's pretty much the progression:


The only trick is, during the verses theres a lot of hammer/pulling while
playing the chords, especially with the pinky.  This is the gist of it.
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     G          D          C        D
Its not quite that clean, there is some more sturmming but you can get
the general idea of what it sounds like from that I hope.  For the chorus,
use the same chords, more stum, less hammering.


She's really had enough
She's given in so much
This time it's different once again
All the things he said
Running through her head
It's alright if she don't find out
And now he laughs and waits
And he counts the days
She's gone but he knows that it won't last
She told his friend she'll come back again
She'll crawl like a dog she always has


She rolled her eyes then hit the wall
She said he hasn't changed at all
She don't believe him and she don't want him around


Now she holds his hand
Says that he's her man, for the times that he's been so good to her
Will he hurt again, she heard from a friend
She don't know but she really can't be sure
Will she figure out, what he's all about
Will she see what's in that mind of his
It's made of all those things, all the pain he brings
She makes her feel like the dog he is


Then just strum the chords with the hammer/pulling.